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  •   Sep. 20, 2016  

    The introduction of the Liebherr crawler crane with maximum hanging load 1350t (LR11350) 2nd Unit has been decided.

  •   Apr. 01, 2016   Kanto Heavy Machinery Corporation has changed company name to DENZAI Engineering Corporation. DENZAI Engineering Corporation has increased its capital to 100 million Yen.
  •   Mar. 01, 2016   Four 6 axle Goldhofer self-propelled multi-axle transporter PST-SLEs have been newly introduced.
  •   Feb. 25, 2015  The introduction of the Liebherr crawler crane LR11350-P1800 (maximum hanging load 1800t) has been decided.(Scheduled for delivery in August 2015)
  •   Aug. 4, 2015  A SCANIA 6x6 (3 axle drive) 730hp tractor has been newly introduced.