Innovation by THE DENZAI

− DENZAI Quality for the World −

Inland Wind Turbine Installation

We can offer you the total services of planning of transportation of wind power equipment, construction and maintenance services such as inspection and repair.

Off-shore Wind Turbine Installation

We are the first Japanese company which takes part in the off-shore wind turbine construction in Taiwan. Also, we work on the construction and planning for several domestic projects of off-shore wind turbine.

Overseas Project

We offer DENZAI high quality for overseas large project from a planning stage. Project field of DENZAI group expands from Asia to all over the world.

Worldwide Land and Sea Transport Business

We can give you a total support for ocean transport, import and export of heavy equipment and plant equipment. Making full use of our network in Asian region, we have been seeking for a best suggestion of transport services for the customers.

DENZAI Solutions

DENZAI group is your engineering partner who can realize the optimal scheme with wide varieties of machinery, experiences and achievements.